What’s inside a Christmas Hamper?

What’s inside a Christmas Hamper?

Christmas is approaching. There is nothing finer in this world than the giving and receiving of gifts. You may spend your next few weeks poring over the aisles trying to find things to include in your Christmas hamper, but really, there are only a few quintessential items which need to be included to make your gift heartfelt and memorable this year. Here are our top 6 items:

1. Wine

The important centrepiece for any Christmas hamper! Other liquids work well, too, from mulled cider to gin, but a good bottle of wine goes a long way. Preferably red.

2. Cheese

The British love a good cheese! So it makes sense to stick to tradition and give a miniature cheese box. Together with some biscuits or crackers for a treat.

3. Chocolate

You can’t beat chocolate come Christmas. Every kid and adult deserves a selection box.

4. Mince pie

You could not have Christmas with mince pies. Needless to say more?

5. Nuts

Boxes of nuts and seeds are great to have dotted around the house on Christmas Day, so family members can have a nibble plus they are good for you.

6. Flowers

While the men make themselves content with the alcohol and nuts, don’t forget that Christmas hampers aren’t just for food. They can also be flowers too!
Image: Toa Heftiba-unsplash

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